Opinion Time

Let’s get to it, grab your drink of choice and join me on some of the dumb and strange moments of the week.

Huffington Post Tries to Cross The Line

Huffington Post for those who do not know was a slimy, backbiting, disgusting, cannibalistic news site that often times would only print for clicks, and if you weren’t with the liberal extremists then you were not going anywhere fast. They have had multiple problems with people not getting pay for their work on the site instead opting to pay them in the prestige of writing for them, but that does not pay the bills last I checked. Turning the many people that wrote just for them to get their foot in the door into nothing more then aggregates on the bottom level of a trashy pyramid scheme.

So, have they changed? Fuck if I know.

What I do know is that they are trying to bring a new set of readers to their site including some of the disenfranchised Bernie and Trump supporters of the last election. Media has had to deal with the ever shortening attention span of people that would do just wonders for a chapter in my next book writing project. Does Huffpo now have something they didn’t before? Doubtful. Considering how many hits they got on stories it must be clear that something is going wrong because let us all be honest here these companies do not make these moves like this until something has gone wrong. This is most likely the highest amount I have ever written on the subject and I hope that stands the test of my life because these are the people that make drinking an alternative to their *Ahem* news stories. Maybe they will be good, most likely they are still that bad and according to Pew research the lack of faith in the news industry is about as low as one gets before people start laughing at your remarks before finding out you’re serious.

Comedians Cross The Line

Welp, Kathy Griffin who’s branch of humor does not stir my cup of tea is in hot water for tweeting a pic of herself holding a bloodied head meant to look Donald Trump. Both sides think it went too far and it did, she apologized and we are left wondering what good did this whole thing do us except exorcise Kathy Griffin from the comedy pile.

Bill Maher whose line crossing came in the form of using a racial slur on the air. His joke originally got mixed response in the show and of course people are mad that he used a racial slur in a joke. Not hurting anyone with it but just used it. Now of course the effect has been what you would expect considering you have seen anything in the political spectrum recently.

So, people are out for blood for their careers and you could see how people would be angry. In Miss Griffin’s case what she had done counted as a crime because it did make light by using the subject of the death of our current president. I would normally not care, and as of this writing she has not been charged. However, she is now claiming how Trump and his family are after her. I don’t know, but we could kinda guess why when someone is holding a head that is supposed to look like someone you are currently related and not in a blood war against. The thing is this whole ploy about how the Trumps are after her ring hollow when if you just go back you realize she could be charged for such things. It is a federal crime to do anything that construed as a threat to the President, and unfortunately this falls well into that boat. I think it will be interesting if they do charge her or not, because with one just word the evidence will stand for itself and she would be sentenced after a fair trial.

Here is the thing a comedian looks at the world and tries to get people to react and despite the two above missing more than hitting all the outrage really seems idiotic when it comes to the call for jobs and threats to their health. Threats to someone’s health is usually always going to be held serious even if it is a comedian unless the skill of the comedian dictates that everyone look at it as a joke.

In Mr. Maher’s case someone will claim insult because that is how these things work people claiming a meaning that isn’t there usually gets you sent to the bottom of the skeptic ladder right next to Joe the Fortune Teller who never got washing up incorporated in the act. The fact that either of these cases surprise anyone makes me wonder if they understand what some comedians do. Trying to push back the line until everything is legal, and sometimes that is good because that means we can talk about everything. Until then any gaffes may lose you a career so be careful folks because the idiots are usually out for blood. So what is going to be the last story? Well, with all the morons crying outside I thought we should do something a little bit more positive because the extra five hidden in our pants pocket makes the mechanical pencil point up and now in our bleeding hand all the more painful.

Papa John’s Pizza Makes Student Accepted For Yale

We have all either been there and or will be there and this just makes it clear to just write what you know. Carolina Williams did so and can claim being accepted at the Ivy League school as the reward for her risk. It was one of supposedly ten she had written for them, but it was one that the people reading had remembered.

The prompt was to write about something the writer loves to do. It was something that near everyone loves to do, ordering a pizza, and in her case from Papa John’s. When you write in such a fashion people obviously are looking for certain things, let us be clear, because they are not doing it for their own health, because I am sure the majority of them just gets melted together to create a painful experience not unlike getting paid to headbutt a brick every thirty seconds.

She has decided to go to Auburn instead of Yale but let it be known that if she wanted to major in creative writing the she will always have someone at Yale who can put in the good word for her.


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