Opinion Time 06/12/16

Your weekly dose of LSD has arrived as we look at lunacy from around the world, and no the whole sharia and anti-sharia riots around the US would be an easy one considering that between the two parties both tried to start fights only when to get called out to cry and point to the other. I could beat it up here, but even I have standards. Low standards as some of my past writing can show, but there is the difference of the low hanging fruit and digging up the fruit that has rotted under the roots of the very angry apple tree. People have not wanted to talk to me too scared to have a nice conversation about politics because their feelings are hurt where they take insult where there is no insult there.

So where do we start with this shot of bleach before us well…..

Kurt Eichenwald Burned For Browser Hentai

For those who do not know Hentai is animated or drawn porn. For those who are unaware of this sort of thing, it has existed for years. Reports have stated that the reporter had a conversation about what he thought was manga, but was actually categorized as hentai. Fair enough so he posted a picture and everyone burns him to the stake before forming a statue of him out of the ash and burning him again.

What is the big problem here? No idea. Someone looks at something and posts a picture and the world jumps the gun so hard it could try for the track and field Olympic team. I mean this is a dude that I have never heard of and most likely never will, and someone thinks he looks at hentai for some reason. Well, let’s split this and see what happens.

Say he does not actually prefer the animated marital aid. The internet idiots blow it out of proportion making jokes at his expense while keeping the story in people’s minds. No one is being hurt, it is not child version of this, yes that exists, it is defined as lolicon because unlike most sites I actually learn about what this shit actually is. I mean hell five years of Japanese language studies makes it pretty easy to find the info about the subsections of media. No one is being hurt in the supposed hentai, the lowest common denominator crow like a bunch of ignorant cocks. Someone learns about what hentai is and the rest of us with some brain cells left over committing this information to memory toss it in the bin quick as lightning.

You know what happens if he like hentai. Not a single thing. Let him like it, let his wife like it, let his adult aged children like it, let the pope like it. It is animated and does not hurt anyone then let them if that turns their crank then more power to it.

Youtube Bodyslams Pro Wrestling

Youtube just cannot keep their shit out of the bed and this one is stuck in my craw. It has demonetized all I repeat for those in the back who can’t get it through their thick heads. The entire subject of people acting to fight to promote characters or stories has been demonetized putting a knife through the heart for many and only the bigger channels allowed left to walk it off.

This is another move that will be the start of many content creators to look outside the giant for their channels some going to Dailymotion, Vimeo, and Vid.me. Personally, as a fan, I hate to see it that way, but that is not going to stop me doing anything wrestling related because in various forms it is interesting for me. This sort of move as a content creator just doubles down my drive to keep my Vid.me channel up because it really just widens my audience.

If you wanted to create content you will find yourself with a whole new host of challenges that make this most likely the hardest time to get a channel started. Let’s plays being taken down, pro wrestling and indie news sources with evidence being demonitized for the sake of advertisers that would just as easily put their ads on the same video provided it had a network affiliation. WCPW lost all the money of ad views for their channel which is bonkers considering that their videos are between 40k to 100k thousand views but those views will not allow people to make money in a fair and dare I say American fashion.

Oh, snap I threw down the patriot card. Yes, I did and here is why. WCPW is a wrestling federation that if they weren’t to backed by Whatculture, on the whole, may be dead. Content creation is people who are passionate about things like storytelling, arts, games, things that are very generally a positive thing. Yet we can have a network post some of the footage of a mother choking their infant child or the footage from the London bombing and they are fine. We can have Gerber baby food put an ad on that. Having people who are passionate in ways that are much more positive than negative and that is not an opinion that is fucking facts. Having those people trying to make their way steering by passion get stopped like that while not hurting anyone in their content creation is a grand line of horse-flavored bullshit is spitting in the face of the American Dream and this is on a platform that is one on a worldwide level that is getting tilted.

Laci Green Gets Doxxed

The previous hardcore SJW feminist seems to be crossing my path recently with these stories. What has gotten the SJW’s so angry to doxx one of their own and probably one of their biggest current icons? Well, this is part of the story but she is in some kind of relationship with an anti-SJW by the name of Chris Del Ray, now some people say how this has caused the “red pilling” of Laci.

The SJW community has been so cannibalistic that the sign of anyone even trying to learn as was posted in a previous story. Allowing herself to hear some opinions in an adult manner surprised her specifically that people accepted her efforts. I am going to keep this short because this should be. Who you date or fuck should not have supposed friends and allies trying to throw you under the bus. Seeing this happens just shows that these SJW’s are not ones for respect of others and seeing how people are trying to blow everything she has said out of context to drum up some backlash just makes me roll my eyes.

She has decided to look outside of her own camp opinion wise and the camp pulls this. I am sorry I would be pissed off enough to return fire in every way I could. Her own people, a group she thought she could relate to puts one in her back like this and the other group, the supposed suppressors, the Nazis, the anti SJW’s, the moderates, and the thinkers call it out for being bullshit on enough levels that if piled on top of each other could count as a skyscraper.

Sorry Laci.

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