Opinion Time

This is going to be an easy week I feel.

Vox’s Persuasive Proof of Racism Neither Proof Nor Persuasive

If you are going to print something that sans proof then please actually have it contain data that backs up what you are saying. I mean the sad part is you have taken what would have been a wonderful interview about how data works and the person’s opinion on that data and tried to pass it as the gospel.

It is unfortunate that the writers are missing such a good piece of work in what could have been a wonderful interview. I would say read it just for the part that contained the interview, but unfortunately my own experience as something to say here. A long time ago I worked as a contractor making these search engines threw up the best applicable data to the query, whatever it may be. People do not type something in a search engine because they know it. They search it because they want to know about it.

Congratulations Vox, for writing this horrid piece of language and in doing so lessening the value of the interviewed party”s work. It must be so good to know you can shoot yourself in two feet at the same time. Opinion, read the interview and dump the rest because clearly the author is pandering to emotion without sense.


Doxxing and Swatting Crackdown

You know crimes like that should be illegal but there is one problem. Unfortunately for the politician she has to be corrected because the crimes she believes effect women more so, and in such high numbers is not a correct statement. This is backed by Pew data of 2014, and in fact I could not find a single other study about it to get the other side, but by the data let us look at what is going on.

According to those numbers verbal harassment is felt by more men than women by twelve percent. Purposefully embarrassed happens more so to men by four percent, and physically threatened happens to more men by four percent, and harassed for a sustained period by one more percent making that pretty even. In fact the only places women are harassed more are in stalking and sexual harassment, and stalking is only favoring women by three percent and sexual harassment is the same with a three percent difference.

Overall though after some slight editing I feel that this would be a good law especially with everything going on form these crimes. So despite the numbers being fudged in statements, it looks like this may be good so well done on that.



Books Do Not Stop Bullets

Why do I even need to state something like this? Desert Eagles are one of the most powerful handguns in the world, and if you are not aware of that you must be seven shades of mental. Now, in an effort to boost their channel they arranged a stunt to have the girlfriend shoot the gun at her boyfriend holding an encyclopedia and pulling the trigger. I am just going to explain that someone asked them to shoot while they held a book. Someone died, and really Charles Darwin must be smiling at this horrid example of natural selection. There will be a kid without a father because that kid’s parents tried shooting one another for a Youtube stunt. You should not do anything this risky for a quick boost on social media, because without a backlog of interesting content that is exactly what you get.


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