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Oh, crap. I was so busy trying to heal up this week I forgot to find stories for my blog post. I can’t find at least three stories of idiocy, research them, and write about them in less than five hours. Oh, what will I do….

Evergreen College Doubles Down On Social Justice

You know these stains on the underwear of life think they are bad holding baseball bats like they are trying out for a bit part in West Side Story. For those who don’t know I have been hit with a bat and, yes, you could make the “hit with the ugly stick” jokes here because I know I am not a charmer. What I do have is some experience using the baseball bat with my own very black aluminum Louisville Slugger holding the dings and scratches of many wars. First, the actual news.

Evergreen is going to go ahead with a Social Justice master’s program and guarantee a teaching position 100% guarantee it if you make it through. After everything that happened with people going banana-nut bonkers that is what they are going to go with. Fine, you know what hope it works, but I don’t think anyone will be in it for long considering the funding is getting pulled out from this place.


Next, I am going to do something no one really expected here. I am going to help these people pictured below because I have been in a couple scraps and hopefully they can learn from my experience. In this case, I will do it the only way they will understand.

First thing is the grip. You need to really know where your weapon feels comfortable, but one thing that does happen if you grip too low is the weapon going free on the recoil.( Yes, recoil we will get to that later.) If that happens you are now weaponless and the attacker will get a few swings and stabs to your squishy bits. A good weapon is a good tool in that often times the grip as to be set per the person. Where I can do a one-handed mid-handle grip some of you may not, or where I would do a two handle grip you would want to get every appendage on it to keep the bat from flying.

Second, what you wear believe it or not is important. I prefer a nice pair of steel toed shoes, with nonslip soles, paired with a nice roomy t-shirt and jeans. Just good enough to stay on without a problem and just roomy enough for me to jam my foot down your word hole if needed because sometimes you need to multitask beating some idiots. Glasses are a no-no because one swing and you will be learning to do a wonderful Stevie Wonder impression for the rest of your life. Sandals only highlight that your toes which have some of the smallest bones in the body are open to attack. Some may not know this because they protested health class but, now the more you know.

Those some tips from someone who has swung the bat like he had an idea, but let me assure you rays of sunshine. I am not the master, but in this game, you need to beware who you play with or someone is going to raise the stakes and give you some very special tutoring.

SJW Wish The UN To Make Cultural Appropriation Illegal

Read that for a moment. Get that title in your head, and let it ring for a moment. This comes from James Anaya, dean of law at the University of Colorado who is trying to “obligate states to create effective criminal and civil enforcement procedures to recognize and prevent non-consensual taking and illegitimate possession, sale, and export of traditional cultural expressions”.
Let me say this for every artist in every form across the globe.


Trying to divvy out the possibilities to the myriad of cultures with criminal and civil charges possible is an assassination of the arts as we know them. Let me make no hyperbole, but this is a box the should be left shut, buried, and forgotten. The moment that this gets opened means art as we all know it and participate in it at times will be destroyed if not retarded for generations. Just how you decide which culture gets what is absurd as nothing is ever as clean as needed, and how do you even begin to charge for these sorts of things.

Restaurants use the French Method for the most part which divvies out duties to each person usually found in larger kitchens. So that means any major kitchen is gone. Hotel kitchens are gone, spa kitchens are gone, high-end kitchens which often use it will be cut as well. So prepare to have a lot of food come out with a lot less focus on those plates while remembering that many of the best knives are made with steel either made from the Germany or Japan, making the knives everywhere else suffer which means that cutting and butchery will suffer. Culinary techniques are often passed down from one culture to another so we have to trace all of them back which evidence points that most culinary technique will be found either stuck to China, Japan, Greece, and France.

Music has always been something where recycling has always been needed. China has the large drum while Medieval Europe has claimed the snare drum so those major items are gone. Trumpets started in the Arab and Mediterranean area and were used for signaling while being used for music has not been really used until the Germans got a crack at it. If you like the tones of the Saxophone than Jazz will only be coming out of Belgium, never knew they had the instrument before this.

Repeat for every art, or skill, or craft because most of our cultures are not as tenured as the Chinese or Mediterranean, but do not get too smug because the British and the Americans had their hooks in the computing world with the business and home models so if you enjoy the internet then you best learn the words to “God Save The Queen” and “God Bless America” respectively. Oh ya, you only get to pick one because even if you do have the money to move you can only pick one country to work with, whose history and only with the world of intellectual properties and possibly patents equivalent to what a single country has discovered.

Have a powered my point in the ground yet? If I did not by this point there is nothing else I can do for you just go, leave and never come back.

It gets the link of shame: https://heatst.com/culture-wars/social-justice-activists-want-the-un-to-make-cultural-appropriation-illegal/

SJW’s Call for Video Game Developer Censorship Blacklist

Anytime a group says they are policing “wrongthink” makes me want to practice planting them headfirst like an idiot forest. Now some groups also say that feminists are also trying for this, but they are so far from what feminism actually it is that calling them feminist is like calling ANTIFA anti-fascist. It would be a nice laugh, but really it would be sadder than anything else.

What was meant by the blacklist is to use make it is something that is clearly misunderstood, they in reference to the SJW clique would only like to make a tool where companies can use to hire or not. The problems are numerous and considering the person spearheading this claims to be a PR specialist just adds to the irony that this would be an invitation for civil suits to any companies contributing to it. How any group could call that an infringement on artistic ability.

When you make something, no matter what it is there is a touch of artistic spirit involved and interactive mediums take the most because you have to design every possibility. Artists are not by historical standards the most normalized people on the planet, and with good reason. Worlds and breathing life to the lifeless takes an obscene amount of energy whose love of the craft. So even defending the term ”wrongthink” in relation to anything artistic is an absolute bout if idiocy. I hope that after a few moments of concentrated thought this sort of thing falls by the wayside otherwise we will have a lot of problems later including telling future generations why some art set ups are banned.

It does not get a link of shame, but you can look it up if you want. It exists out there and I hope you enjoyed this week’s opinion time….

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Listening to blind Kerbal stream while typing.

That was sadly much easier than expected. Time for a snooze.



Opinion Time 06/12/16

Your weekly dose of LSD has arrived as we look at lunacy from around the world, and no the whole sharia and anti-sharia riots around the US would be an easy one considering that between the two parties both tried to start fights only when to get called out to cry and point to the other. I could beat it up here, but even I have standards. Low standards as some of my past writing can show, but there is the difference of the low hanging fruit and digging up the fruit that has rotted under the roots of the very angry apple tree. People have not wanted to talk to me too scared to have a nice conversation about politics because their feelings are hurt where they take insult where there is no insult there.

So where do we start with this shot of bleach before us well…..

Kurt Eichenwald Burned For Browser Hentai

For those who do not know Hentai is animated or drawn porn. For those who are unaware of this sort of thing, it has existed for years. Reports have stated that the reporter had a conversation about what he thought was manga, but was actually categorized as hentai. Fair enough so he posted a picture and everyone burns him to the stake before forming a statue of him out of the ash and burning him again.

What is the big problem here? No idea. Someone looks at something and posts a picture and the world jumps the gun so hard it could try for the track and field Olympic team. I mean this is a dude that I have never heard of and most likely never will, and someone thinks he looks at hentai for some reason. Well, let’s split this and see what happens.

Say he does not actually prefer the animated marital aid. The internet idiots blow it out of proportion making jokes at his expense while keeping the story in people’s minds. No one is being hurt, it is not child version of this, yes that exists, it is defined as lolicon because unlike most sites I actually learn about what this shit actually is. I mean hell five years of Japanese language studies makes it pretty easy to find the info about the subsections of media. No one is being hurt in the supposed hentai, the lowest common denominator crow like a bunch of ignorant cocks. Someone learns about what hentai is and the rest of us with some brain cells left over committing this information to memory toss it in the bin quick as lightning.

You know what happens if he like hentai. Not a single thing. Let him like it, let his wife like it, let his adult aged children like it, let the pope like it. It is animated and does not hurt anyone then let them if that turns their crank then more power to it.

Youtube Bodyslams Pro Wrestling

Youtube just cannot keep their shit out of the bed and this one is stuck in my craw. It has demonetized all I repeat for those in the back who can’t get it through their thick heads. The entire subject of people acting to fight to promote characters or stories has been demonetized putting a knife through the heart for many and only the bigger channels allowed left to walk it off.

This is another move that will be the start of many content creators to look outside the giant for their channels some going to Dailymotion, Vimeo, and Vid.me. Personally, as a fan, I hate to see it that way, but that is not going to stop me doing anything wrestling related because in various forms it is interesting for me. This sort of move as a content creator just doubles down my drive to keep my Vid.me channel up because it really just widens my audience.

If you wanted to create content you will find yourself with a whole new host of challenges that make this most likely the hardest time to get a channel started. Let’s plays being taken down, pro wrestling and indie news sources with evidence being demonitized for the sake of advertisers that would just as easily put their ads on the same video provided it had a network affiliation. WCPW lost all the money of ad views for their channel which is bonkers considering that their videos are between 40k to 100k thousand views but those views will not allow people to make money in a fair and dare I say American fashion.

Oh, snap I threw down the patriot card. Yes, I did and here is why. WCPW is a wrestling federation that if they weren’t to backed by Whatculture, on the whole, may be dead. Content creation is people who are passionate about things like storytelling, arts, games, things that are very generally a positive thing. Yet we can have a network post some of the footage of a mother choking their infant child or the footage from the London bombing and they are fine. We can have Gerber baby food put an ad on that. Having people who are passionate in ways that are much more positive than negative and that is not an opinion that is fucking facts. Having those people trying to make their way steering by passion get stopped like that while not hurting anyone in their content creation is a grand line of horse-flavored bullshit is spitting in the face of the American Dream and this is on a platform that is one on a worldwide level that is getting tilted.

Laci Green Gets Doxxed

The previous hardcore SJW feminist seems to be crossing my path recently with these stories. What has gotten the SJW’s so angry to doxx one of their own and probably one of their biggest current icons? Well, this is part of the story but she is in some kind of relationship with an anti-SJW by the name of Chris Del Ray, now some people say how this has caused the “red pilling” of Laci.

The SJW community has been so cannibalistic that the sign of anyone even trying to learn as was posted in a previous story. Allowing herself to hear some opinions in an adult manner surprised her specifically that people accepted her efforts. I am going to keep this short because this should be. Who you date or fuck should not have supposed friends and allies trying to throw you under the bus. Seeing this happens just shows that these SJW’s are not ones for respect of others and seeing how people are trying to blow everything she has said out of context to drum up some backlash just makes me roll my eyes.

She has decided to look outside of her own camp opinion wise and the camp pulls this. I am sorry I would be pissed off enough to return fire in every way I could. Her own people, a group she thought she could relate to puts one in her back like this and the other group, the supposed suppressors, the Nazis, the anti SJW’s, the moderates, and the thinkers call it out for being bullshit on enough levels that if piled on top of each other could count as a skyscraper.

Sorry Laci.

Opinion Time

Let’s get to it, grab your drink of choice and join me on some of the dumb and strange moments of the week.

Huffington Post Tries to Cross The Line

Huffington Post for those who do not know was a slimy, backbiting, disgusting, cannibalistic news site that often times would only print for clicks, and if you weren’t with the liberal extremists then you were not going anywhere fast. They have had multiple problems with people not getting pay for their work on the site instead opting to pay them in the prestige of writing for them, but that does not pay the bills last I checked. Turning the many people that wrote just for them to get their foot in the door into nothing more then aggregates on the bottom level of a trashy pyramid scheme.

So, have they changed? Fuck if I know.

What I do know is that they are trying to bring a new set of readers to their site including some of the disenfranchised Bernie and Trump supporters of the last election. Media has had to deal with the ever shortening attention span of people that would do just wonders for a chapter in my next book writing project. Does Huffpo now have something they didn’t before? Doubtful. Considering how many hits they got on stories it must be clear that something is going wrong because let us all be honest here these companies do not make these moves like this until something has gone wrong. This is most likely the highest amount I have ever written on the subject and I hope that stands the test of my life because these are the people that make drinking an alternative to their *Ahem* news stories. Maybe they will be good, most likely they are still that bad and according to Pew research the lack of faith in the news industry is about as low as one gets before people start laughing at your remarks before finding out you’re serious.

Comedians Cross The Line

Welp, Kathy Griffin who’s branch of humor does not stir my cup of tea is in hot water for tweeting a pic of herself holding a bloodied head meant to look Donald Trump. Both sides think it went too far and it did, she apologized and we are left wondering what good did this whole thing do us except exorcise Kathy Griffin from the comedy pile.

Bill Maher whose line crossing came in the form of using a racial slur on the air. His joke originally got mixed response in the show and of course people are mad that he used a racial slur in a joke. Not hurting anyone with it but just used it. Now of course the effect has been what you would expect considering you have seen anything in the political spectrum recently.

So, people are out for blood for their careers and you could see how people would be angry. In Miss Griffin’s case what she had done counted as a crime because it did make light by using the subject of the death of our current president. I would normally not care, and as of this writing she has not been charged. However, she is now claiming how Trump and his family are after her. I don’t know, but we could kinda guess why when someone is holding a head that is supposed to look like someone you are currently related and not in a blood war against. The thing is this whole ploy about how the Trumps are after her ring hollow when if you just go back you realize she could be charged for such things. It is a federal crime to do anything that construed as a threat to the President, and unfortunately this falls well into that boat. I think it will be interesting if they do charge her or not, because with one just word the evidence will stand for itself and she would be sentenced after a fair trial.

Here is the thing a comedian looks at the world and tries to get people to react and despite the two above missing more than hitting all the outrage really seems idiotic when it comes to the call for jobs and threats to their health. Threats to someone’s health is usually always going to be held serious even if it is a comedian unless the skill of the comedian dictates that everyone look at it as a joke.

In Mr. Maher’s case someone will claim insult because that is how these things work people claiming a meaning that isn’t there usually gets you sent to the bottom of the skeptic ladder right next to Joe the Fortune Teller who never got washing up incorporated in the act. The fact that either of these cases surprise anyone makes me wonder if they understand what some comedians do. Trying to push back the line until everything is legal, and sometimes that is good because that means we can talk about everything. Until then any gaffes may lose you a career so be careful folks because the idiots are usually out for blood. So what is going to be the last story? Well, with all the morons crying outside I thought we should do something a little bit more positive because the extra five hidden in our pants pocket makes the mechanical pencil point up and now in our bleeding hand all the more painful.

Papa John’s Pizza Makes Student Accepted For Yale

We have all either been there and or will be there and this just makes it clear to just write what you know. Carolina Williams did so and can claim being accepted at the Ivy League school as the reward for her risk. It was one of supposedly ten she had written for them, but it was one that the people reading had remembered.

The prompt was to write about something the writer loves to do. It was something that near everyone loves to do, ordering a pizza, and in her case from Papa John’s. When you write in such a fashion people obviously are looking for certain things, let us be clear, because they are not doing it for their own health, because I am sure the majority of them just gets melted together to create a painful experience not unlike getting paid to headbutt a brick every thirty seconds.

She has decided to go to Auburn instead of Yale but let it be known that if she wanted to major in creative writing the she will always have someone at Yale who can put in the good word for her.

Opinion Time 05/28/17

Welcome everyone to the roast of some of the dumbest things the world has reacted to or done, and prepare to feel a lot smarter than most people. This is the often reviled opinion time and let us get to some of the problems that prove that the world is just as full of lunatics as it ever was.

Most Likely To Become A Terrorist

Okay, despite all times schools do something stupid it has been reported on this blog post by more SJW pinheads then anything else. First, let’s get you some info.


If you could even see the web address you know where this is going, and yes it is that bad. How a teacher can give something on a piece of paper stating this makes me wonder what drugs they are on. A teacher giving an award claiming someone to be the most likely to be a terrorist in these times when the words ring alarms here. If you were the parent of such a child what would you do when you see your kid get a certificate saying they were the most likely to become a hardcore criminal zealot.

I could beat this out because really the teacher and the school have to wonder who were on what substances to make this look like even anything like a good idea. No matter how you like to take a joke and looking at some there are those who may take a joke like this, but it was clear that this child was not one of them. Terrorist paranoia is a mental disease that many Americans I know have and that many other countries population may have to deal with. We need to be better than this and the paranoia sometimes does more damage than terrorism itself especially considering what happened in Portland, Oregon.

Defenders on Portland Train Lose Lives


Considering the title of this blog it is no surprise that this just makes me seven shades of pissed off. A dude was on the making a grand ass out of himself to some Muslims on the train, this person did not do anything wrong but was in a form of dress that did not hide their religion and caught this waste of air’s attention. Two people on this train, which by the way this was a train in the middle of rush hour in the city so I could tell you from personal experience that barring an act from a deity this was an almost full train. Anyway, two people step up and defend just for the sake that people should not take abuse like that without a reason and be existing is not a reason that counts in many books and gets stabbed up for it, one had his throat cut and the other got stabbed in the gut.

Knowing from experience that this was a train with a number of people watching and listening to a situation like this and seeing two people step up and no one else jump in makes me ill to even know that my city is filled with that many cowards. A little bit of a lesson, I have been on those trains and I have had weapons pulled on me, I have seen people harassed, I have seen wives choked out by their husbands in the early morning. My friends and I have jumped in on these things and we all carry some little reminders because of it, but the sad part was what would have happened if no action was taken and that holds true now. If that moron was going to continue to be more abusive it could have very well been some Muslim woman who died on that train but instead, two of the better in Oregon took the bullet so to speak and unfortunately are no longer with us. I can only hope they are in a better place. Those who chose that others would do something and they would not have to just makes me ill considering also my own wealth of experience that makes this sort of thing seem all too easy to see.
Ariel Winter Bares Bum to The World


It is her life, she is not doing anything wrong. She has the right to do it. I don’t care if she is a celebrity as long as she is not actively hurting anyone then she has the right to do it and the fact that his sort of thing has garnered this much attention makes me think that a lot of people have lost complete touch with reality. Some say she is showing too much, and others say it is fine, when everyone needs to know that as long as it hurts no-one there are plenty of other things that energy could be better used for. This whole sort of celebrity culture and putting them under a microscope makes no clue to me and these moments just baffling how we have not been taken over by an AI or something. If you seriously have a problem with this sort of thing then avert your eyes. Moving on from this show of idiocy.

Burrito Shop Dropped After Claims of Cultural Appropriation


So a group of people does not like that in a country with a mainly white population has a bunch of restaurants with mainly white owners. Supposedly there is a group of colored people who want to see more people of color own restaurants correcting the supposed power imbalance. Now I actually tried to get some comments from them because I did not understand this, and thought maybe there was something I was missing. They have not only said they are not making any comment to the media. ( first times I have been labeled that), but they also had no extra comment to give at this time.

This is from the group taking credit about supposedly stopping a business because a pair of white women learned recipes from Mexico about how to make better burritos. I am just going to paste the whole faq from that document here.

(Alternatives To) White-Owned Appropriative Restaurants in Portland
Restaurants List

Why add FAQ’s now?
We did not aspire to editorialize on this page, but the constant barrage of uninformed assumptions in the media and general discourse has become too much. We do not believe we have all the answers and we appreciate people asking questions and sharing their perspectives. If you feel we’ve missed the mark or your viewpoint has not been considered in any of the content on this document, feel free to let us know at AppropriativePortland@gmail.com. We want this document to reflect the needs and views of the various impacted communities. (tip: if your response to appropriation is to roll your eyes, you’re probably not being impacted)

What are your goals?
We created this list for several reasons but stayed away from listing them initially in order to allow for free discussion on the subject’s multiple dimensions. Since many people (journalists in particular) seem intent on putting words in our mouths, we’ve decided to provide a list of potential positive outcomes that could come from this list and the discussions it has provoked:
– Provide transparency and awareness allowing people to make their own decisions. This was our primary objective. Nothing in the information presented indicates a goal of creating a boycott, although some people have called for boycotts when sharing the list on social media. We certainly wouldn’t shed a tear if some of these restaurants were forced to close (or change course or sell) and new businesses (or more successful existing businesses) owned by people of color (POC) took their market share, creating a much more inclusive cultural landscape and the representation we believe Portland should be aiming for with intentionality.
– Force these business owners to consider the impact they’ve had, even if it has been unintentional. We believe the onus is on the businesses themselves to decide on appropriate corrective measures.
– Lift up and validate marginalized POC communities and better equip them to advocate for their own struggle within Portland’s disproportionately white demographic that often leads to the implicit and explicit silencing of Black, POC, and immigrant perspectives.
– Shed light on one way that institutional racism and capitalism perpetuate inequities created by colonialism, slavery, and the racist laws of past and present (yes, even in “progressive” Portland). We believe that in order to solve our problems, we must first be willing to identify what they are and have difficult conversations. The most recent Willamette Weekly article implied that the list was blaming appropriation for creating inequities, when we have always maintained that cultural appropriation perpetuates existing inequities. Portland’s appropriation habit serves to illustrate a larger overall problem, but that doesn’t diminish the very real impact appropriation has on POC communities.
– Stop the local media from glorifying food “Columbus-ing” and promoting white people for “discovering” foods in other countries (or sometimes even cities in the US) and “bringing them to Portland.” Alternatively, encourage the media to give positive coverage to POC-owned businesses that have gone unnoticed for years.
– Force new white restauranteurs to think twice before appropriating another culture’s cuisine. While it’s unlikely any of the existing businesses would be forced to shutter from being on this list, it’s possible that new spots could decide to take a different approach than they would have otherwise.

Are you saying white people can’t cook/eat/enjoy [insert favorite food] anymore?!
EAT AND COOK WHATEVER YOU WANT! This has nothing to do with enjoying foods from other cultures, like we all do. This is about recognizing and working to correct a power imbalance in our society that is the result of centuries of institutionalized racism and unchecked capitalism. To learn more, read the top of the front page and the resource articles.

Why don’t you include white-owned “Southern” restaurants?
“Southern food” appropriates several dishes from the cuisine of enslaved Africans, who outnumbered white colonizers in many areas of the South and strongly influenced the cuisine for the region. Several dishes are adaptions of recipes that enslaved Africans brought from Africa while others have roots in Native American cuisines. Over time, the cuisine was appropriated as “Southern food” by white Southerners, but African-Americans later reclaimed it as Soul food. The general consensus is that, in present day, the main difference between the two comes down to the race of the person doing the cooking. However, white-owned Southern restaurants are undoubtedly a result of the theft of a cuisine from enslaved people.

These concerns are certainly valid, but this list is intended to highlight individuals who have taken it upon themselves to directly appropriate a cuisine, expose the system that allows them to think this is acceptible, and prevent the perpetuation of racial inequity that comes as a result. Since Southern white people were raised with cuisine appropriated by generations past and now identify with that cuisine, we have chosen not to include them on the list. However, we encourage them to examine their white privilege (and how it impacts their business’s success) and acknowledge the violent history of the foods they serve.
Byron Hurt’s ‘Soul Food Junkies’ Film Explores How Southern Fare Got Its Soul
Who Owns Southern Food?
How Slaves Shaped American Cooking

Why don’t you include “Israeli” restaurants?
The Israeli government is a colonizing/occupying force that continues to violently encroach on Palestinian territories to this day. When it comes to food, the history of their appropriation of Palestinian, Levantine, and Moroccan cuisines dates back a century and has been one element of a campaign of erasure of the Palestinian people. While many Jews are of Arabic descent and brought their cuisine with them to Israel, that does not absolve the Israeli government from their efforts to claim Arabic food as their own.

These concerns are certainly valid, but this list is intended to highlight individuals who have taken it upon themselves to directly appropriate a cuisine, expose the system that allows them to think this is acceptible, and prevent the perpetuation of racial inequity that comes as a result. Since Israeli-Americans were raised with cuisine appropriated by generations past and now identify with that cuisine, we have chosen not to include them on the list. However, we encourage them to examine their white privilege (and how it impacts their business’s success) and acknowledge the violent history of how they came to serve the foods they do.
Why sahlab (and hummus) still aren’t Israeli
Israel’s obsession with hummus is about more than stealing Palestine’s food

All of this because of Kooks Burritos?!
The list was not created JUST in response to Kooks Burritos. It was originally started after the opening of Saffron Colonial (now BORC) in response to people who sought to diminish POC concerns with the business by saying “Pok Pok does the same thing, why target this one restaurant!?” The originators of the list agreed the problem was bigger than one restaurant and started to do the research last year. The larger community effort started after the 1-2-3 series of events in Portland in the last month: 1. Kim Jong Grillin’s experience with the racist hood cleaning company, 2. the tragic and potentially racially-motivated arson of Reo’s Ribs, and 3. Kooks Burritos. Members of the POC community in Portland enthusiastically endorsed and joined an effort to create and share this list after noticing a pattern of appropriation, gentrification, and racism in Portland’s restaurant scene.
Controversial “Colonial” Restaurant Changes Its Name After Public Pressure
Portland Restaurant Cleaner Denies Service to “Orientals”
Fire Heavily Damages Reo’s Ribs in Portland

Did you shut down Kooks Burritos?
No, they chose to shut down themselves after hearing complaints from the Mexican community and their allies in Portland. The media has framed this like an entire business went under, but it was actually a once-per-week pop-up run by two women who have full-time salaried jobs. They stole the recipes while on working vacation to Mexico.

Why didn’t you contact the business owners first?
Some critics, including Crystal Contreras’s recent Willamette Week article, have suggested that we were unfair to the business owners because we did not contact them in advance of publishing. This is a distraction, a baseless criticism, and a thinly veiled defense of white supremacy. What purpose would that have had? Would we ask them to stop being white? To immediately sell or give their business to their POC workers? The list is an assembly of publicly available information and their input was not required. This accusation is also based on the belief that the list was created out of malice toward individuals, when in fact it was created to draw attention to a broader problem with Portland’s food culture. We have had the dialogue with a handful of business owners via email and we welcome others to do the same if they wish.

How did you compile the list of white-owned businesses?
We used publicly available information about the restaurants and their owners to verify that they qualify to be listed (criteria is on the top of the Restaurant List). There are several businesses in Portland that could potentially be added, but we’ve been unable to verify the background of the owners. Anyone who believes they’ve been wrongly listed has always been invited to email us a correction.

Who are you?
Several Portland-based people of color who have no interest in revealing their identities, especially considering the threats and racist garbage that gets sent to the above email address. Based on the defensive and racist discourse surrounding this issue that we’ve witnessed on local social media, in public comments, and in the emails we’ve received, we believe that revealing our identities would come at too great of a personal risk.

Idiots being idiotic are finding it risky to be idiots. I could very well bash this, but this is a level of idiocy that it wouldn’t be fun for me. Ladies and gentlemen and all other forms of being, this is racism. A business is gone because people felt they should have a restaurant and could not do the work for it. People are out of jobs because a group of people that had no idea what they were doing claimed something without looking at the inherent problems in their own argument.
Claiming cultural appropriation in the arena of professional cooking is so idiotic I am surprised a contingent of chefs that read this didn’t drop dead from an aneurysm. These people claim white supremacy when really they have more in common with those bigots they hate so much the restaurants on their little hit list. Being from a kitchen and working with them for a little bit of time let me tell you things go, first the majority of knowledge passed down is passed down verbally even with all the cookbooks out there it is the experience that really stands the tallest. The knowledge is often passed from one person who believes that the next has earned it which will be my next point.

What they say as cultural appropriation would not be any better if people of color had those same restaurants making this one of the dumbest things I have ever read, a blight on the culinary industry in this state, and a sight of where the extremists on both sides want things to be. I hate to say it but your skin color does not afford you an out, your culture is not your skin culture and it is damn insulting to many who breathe with their culture on their sleeve that people can boil it down to a word such as colored. It makes me want to puke that in all the great things that food scene in Portland has that we have people like this completely lost in their own little world that any attempts to act like the big shit on campus only comes off with them smelling like poo. These people obviously have not worked in a professional kitchen, because many of the best chefs according to these people are directly appropriating form a culture, because you know that is how cooking works, one eye on the present, learn from the past and move towards the future. Many people go to directly learn from the culture often picking up recipes, styles, techniques and what not many of those who have traveled who focus on a single cuisine, but these people do not understand that because obviously, it is too far above their mental capacity.

Cooking is a harsh world, but if you want people to succeed no matter who they are, then go vote with your wallet. Clearly, that little facet also slipped by these master classes. Oh and for those who claim about how the burrito shop owners say how they scratched the minds of tortilla ladies in Mexico for the recipes, well ya. That happens and that is normal, and that is how food culture spreads. What I wish would happen is that if there is enough evidence I would actually spend the time find these people that take credit and file a civil suit against them and let them see how much these beliefs hold water when it is their financial futures on the line. Most likely they would just go through try to paint themselves as martyrs and end up homeless.

Opinion Time 05/21/17

Guess who’s back. Back again. Guess who’s back and tell a friend. I should be saying that this will get easier for some, but as I will never run out of material. Let us jump right in with our first from CBS.

Drugs Are Okay As Long It Is Not Scientology

Parents flipped their collective refuse straight from the S-bend in Santa Monica because at the high school they had to cancel an anti-drug program that was sponsored by the church. It may seem that maybe if these talks were just advertising for the church just for the sake of advertising. That is not true as it is explained in the article that this program was allowed after a student fell off the roof on an LSD trip. That tends to be a good reason for getting some anti-drug talks at least, on top of that there was an option for parents to remove students. All this sounds like the school did everything that needed to be done and just let the parents make the call.

So, why did parents feel that the church should not be funding the anti-drug program into the school after it was vetted by the principal? According to the church, it is due to a discriminatory opinion against them, and if you have read any of these then you know that people claiming discriminatory actions are a bit of a pet peeve.

This, however, is something different because without proof from a student who could not say something about it despite going to the program made me wonder that maybe some of the parents either feel so confident in their kids staying off drugs or they just do not care. In either case, they either have a lot of faith in their kids or are just completely idiotic. Way to go, Santa Monica, I hope this is not an opinion reflective of the entire group, but just because someone found it where this program which by the way is not directly from the church, but affiliated, and hell since I did not bash them some people I am affiliated now.

Yale Dean Snaps on Yelp Reviews

It may seem weird, but I do not hate everyone or everything. I find happiness in a lot of things, and I can understand when you are an intelligent human being surrounded by idiots enough times that the smallest mistake makes you want to go out for blood like it was the new cure for aging. She even used racial descriptors which surprise me considering that most people shit like a thunderstorm whenever it is brought up.

She was the dean at a prestigious school, and simply based on these reviews happening the school had her placed on leave for how she rated saying “If you were white trash, this is a perfect night out for you !” then finding that other posts were not nice and hurt people’s feelings.

Listen sometimes people need to be asshats. Sad fact of life, but some people need to have that outlet, and most can do it in a constructive matter, but other times people just need to type in whatever they want unfiltered before actually going to look back at it wondering what made them go bonkers. I got into enough fights in my youth that there was plenty of times to work out some aggression for example.

When we grade people on a single thing we have a problem to look not at the whole, which is something I can say I can fall under as well.

It is something to be said that maybe we should just ask ourselves what is more important the yelp reviews of an angry woman, or the abilities of the dean. To me, it is only so easy to make the call, but that is why I am the genius.

University of Hawaii Professor Claims White Males Should Not have Jobs

Getting the tops spot on the dumbest of the world’s moments is this little gem from the University of Hawaii whose post was put up on a mathematical website despite not knowing about all the factors that go into a hiring. For some people new to this whole form of verbal flagellation sometimes people say,  stupid shit. Please see above for example. The difference is that the person above went bananas finding Yelp as a vent and this person is bananas enough to believe the vapor she is puffing with this lunacy.

Let me start with this? What does equality look like with to you, leave a comment, let me know, I can wait. Ready? Good. Equality in the measure that everyone will be treated the same not only is wrong but if you believe in it, you may be the most destructive to the cultures around the world then anything any artists have ever done and this includes the stereotype crows from Dumbo. A lot of people have come across and have beaten themselves into believing something this abstract. I like to call it the perfection theory.

Why do people believe in perfection if no one can commit it? We are by our breakdown as life forms imperfect, but every day people get up and try to do their best and be the very best in their crafts of choice. Perfection is abstract, and despite it being so there are still believers. It seems to be more correct nowadays to replace perfection with equality, simply put because equality does not exist. It is an abstract idea made by people who want to feel warm and fuzzy by making themselves think that is worth something which it very well may be, but not to the level these extremists think.

Let us use math, the subject of choice for this teacher.

We have a job, where people need to have to say three values, the ability to fold, the ability to stand, and the ability to learn. You get a job opening where forty people are looked at with honest readings with those three values. Does that have anything to do with race, gender, or sexuality? No, it does not. So you go through your vetting process at your store, and you cut the possibilities of the forty people down to let us say five. Five people who matched up with the same total value among the three categories with slight differences between each of them.

Who do you hire?

I would hire someone who could learn more over the other two, but that is me. In that entire problem was there any comment about who I was fucking, the melanin content, where my family was from, or what genitals I had? No, you say because in doing so would be lunatic of the highest purple wombat level?

If I was anyone of these groups she is championing I would be kinda pissed off. Why can’t I be as good as the other people, why do I have to be trained by the evil hetero white male power. Coming into a job if that was the case that the only reason I was being trained was so I can a couple things about me, I would the biggest asshole on campus to whoever started this practice. There would be a little niggle at the back of my mind that I was there because I was the backup, I wasn’t good enough to get it the first time, and I would run with it as best I can, but I would know that I was not that good. The fact that she somehow implies that all these different kinds of people need this extra advantage is really quite discriminatory don’t you think?

This does not say hire the best person you can, it says hire the best that isn’t one of the major portions of the majority in the country. Sounds great as a sound byte or from someone who has never done business before because this smacks if ignorance on so many levels I am kinda surprised of the sheer idiocy of it.

She is implying that people who are white heterosexual cis male should not work flat out. Should not work because everyone else needs those jobs and those people take from them, and it is just so sad. Well, despite me being a level ten smart ass I am willing to put my life where my mouth is.

To the University of Hawaii: A Challenge

If you truly believe of the remarks made by this woman, then I have a great idea. Let us try it out. I will stay on the shelf for one year, or if my disability status bothers you my brother will, and you will pay his wages for one year plus ten percent for any incidentals, considering he works at a supermarket it should be pretty small to a university.

Let us see what happens. He goes away or I do we take a year off just so we can see the wonder that this does and you can get your faculty theory evidence or we find it that it is full of crap, and unlike a lot of others I am willing to help you guys out to do it. If you guys are wondering about budget it would be cheaper for me to go on the shelf, as before getting hit with my issues, I was making about 20k so make that 22k and off to the races.

If you are unwilling to back this little experiment whether my brother, myself or even both, then might I suggest you get your people to think about numbers instead of the SJW propaganda that this stands as. Because in my eyes and everyone I will talk about this too if you cannot find it to back this little experiment, with you standing so idly by with one of your junior faculty spouting off then maybe you need to reclassify the program she works into the drama arts, because this is just funny enough to work.

Read her post on the blog here: http://blogs.ams.org/inclusionexclusion/2017/05/11/get-out-the-way/

If you enjoyed this piece please share it with your friends. If you did not like this piece then you can share it anyway just so someone else can take the piss out of me. Maybe if we make enough laugh something may happen?


Opinion Time 05/14/17

Welcome one and all to the point in the week where we take moments of idiocy by the collective portion of the worlds, and put them in the vial of acid before seeing what we get. Like every other week there was no shortage of material, so let’s get right into it.

Emma Watson Wins Genderless Award


Here is my little checklist I run in my head to see if stories should be on this week’s reminders of the different flavors of stupid. We can run through it together and see if this fits the bill.

First, does the story itself have an issue of not being talked about for the right reasons? In this case now because for all the people that I have seen raging about Ms. Watson’s award win make me wonder who even puts faith in these award shows anyway. Winning an award at a show like this is like winning a prize at the bottom of the box of the most expensive Cracker Jack in the world. The MTV awards are not the last word in clear and fair judging systems, so does that mean they should just give out an award to make a point? Well, no but here is the spanner int the works. For all those people who are complaining I can put money down very easily that most of them did not go out and see the movie, and then go out to see the contenders. Considering that most people are not fully informed to make the call, and I myself have not seen a movie in theaters since high school makes that point moot to all.

Some people have gotten in a tizzy how there are genderless awards. Personally, I could go for or against, but let me try to make a bad idea better because here on this blog we like to think constructive at times, look it up if you do not know the meaning of the word. Let us have our normal gendered categories for those whose pieces of work in the judging has to take the small nuances of different genders and make it play seamlessly into the part elevating the whole relationship of actor and character. Then have one big award at the end that is like the grand award of the night, someone whose work over the year is head and shoulders above everyone else’s and have that be the genderless award.

Those who have a boner over the classically set award structure get what they want, and those who want something new get it as well. We all win.

Is this being used as a spotlight for someone’s work outside of film making it an ultimately useless point? The uselessness of it would be debated but the overarching question of detriment to giving it to someone based more of their work outside of acting and it being an acting award, just makes me scratch my head. People getting into full furies about such things makes me wonder exactly where we still send lead paint chips as a cost effective snack. In short, this is much ado about nothing except maybe some people who may have put in a better score got gipped at a crappy award show.

BBC Doesn’t want white people to work with them.


I would love to think what the lunatic zealots in the different racial inequality groups would be thinking of this trying to spin it as all is fair in love and war. The reason that this would be funny is that everything they claim is happening is now broadly happening, but not for their particular group of people, and making it very interesting how others will look at it.
Those who read the article would be good to know that technically it is on a different company’s website. One company that the BBC has gone through for their employment and internships, so it would be really easy because of that to simply explain it was just a mix up in what they wanted, but no that was not the case.

Defending the move they said it was to be a more diverse workplace to better mirror Britain’s population with a workforce that already more then does so as already highlighted by the article. Here is my problem with something like that. When you have a checklist of workers that have to be a certain race or culture you really are making more problems. Let us say that magically we have a hundred positions at my company I would be more worried about you will work and if you can complete the tasks asked of you. Whether your disabled or trans gendered or believe yourself a porcupine, or even have a different race than everyone else in the whole world it does not mean one lick to me because I want to know how you will work. People say that is a meritocratic way of looking at it, but here is the question, if now it is based on what you can do and how you can do it then the whole discrimination bit gets skipped.

When you are basing a need to hire someone simply because of their race then those who are not of that race are being discriminated because they do need the supposed racial requirement. Since that seems to go over the heads of many supposed victims let me make it a little bit plainer for those of that group who may read it. When you want someone to give you a scholarship, to give you income, to give you housing simply because of your race, then you are the problem. Last I checked there weren’t any Caucasian scholarship funds, any groups of white lives matter trying to get more rights for everyone as pale as bleached rice. You want to stop racism then one would need to stop breeding it, and such actions goes to show others that because they have it for their people and you do not have it for yours then your status as a person are lower. If you do not believe it then tell me how everyone gets so disgruntled with another race to the point of actively hating them? That has to come from somewhere and let me tell you because I guess I was the only one who didn’t trash the info when it came in the basics of life. Hating a race is itself an error, awarding a race is an error because no matter what, race does not control what makes someone who they are. It can add something here and there but it does not make someone from the ground up. Anyone who thinks that it does above all else, well their either need to learn the nuances or prepare for harsh reality.

Laci Green Checks The Other Side

Laci Green for those who do not know stands upon as an icon of SJW culture on Youtube currently having more than a million subscribers. I also think I ripped on her once in a blog post, but I cannot remember which one so if anyone finds it let me know. Anyway, she is the kind of type that goes full bore into what people would claim as the textbook definition of what many would call a Social Justice Warrior.

You may have noticed I haven’t ripped into her a whole lot and while I think we have some ideas that we do not agree with. She has done something that has shocked her fellow SJW’s and that is something that has shocked them to the core asking her if she is making things worse by doing this. She has gone to anti-SJW channels. In doing so she was surprised as her first effort was accepted with open arms of people just trying to have a simple conversation about their ideals.

This may sound dry, but good for her. I hope more people take the initiative to do that it would make these posts a lot tamer. Someone takes a look at the other side and starts to think outside of either box, ten thousand points to her hope it continues even if we do not agree on anything. Ending on a nice note, toodles for now.

Opinion Time 05/07/2017

Opinion Time050717

For some people this week will be grabbing the low hanging fruit. Screw you, these were some of the biggest moments of idiocy for one reason or another and they were more picked up from the grass then on a low branch, but let us begin. Plenty of stupid so little time, off we go.

Colbert Tells Trump to Holster Putin

Which why do I go? Which way do I go? If I think the remarks are okay a group of people will call me homophobic, and if I don’t raise the banner to get him fired than a group of people will think my political blood is so far in the blue it might as well paint a Pepsi can. Considering one can look at agreeing with people for its own sake like one might look at an incestuous orgy which is easy enough to understand because I do that really it just boils down to which way does one more person go?

My answer can best explained with meh. Should there be a punishment? Yes. Should he be fired? I can’t really see it. It was a joke, albeit a joke in horrid taste and one that didn’t need to be there it was still just done for a chuckle with the majority of people. Some took personal insult by it where none was meant meaning that another group of people jumped the gun to play the victim.

Really, we live in a world where we can’t look at someone’s work over their career and make a judgment call just shows the most people who the most fervent soldiers in this little battle of opinions should sit down, shut up, and let smarter creatures handle such things. Stephen Colbert goes far with his jokes sometimes, but one would really have a task to build a case proving he is homophobic.

The opinion here is that people are being stupid overreacting for and against. Colbert should do something of an apology, volunteer some time or resources to an LGBT assistance charity, and let the whole thing lie. Getting so mad about the whole thing just shows that we are clearly dumber as a group than as a person which is really sad. If you don’t like that, well to put this in simple terms, fuck off.

Puerto Rico Goes Bankrupt

This to me is a much bigger project than the Colbert issue, but considering a group of people cannot spell bankruptcy let alone put it in a sentence makes this one even more aggravating. For the first time in our country’s history (United States, for those, reading this from the rest of the world, and thank you for doing that I appreciate your support.) a territory is going bankrupt to the tune of just over 120 billion dollars. That may be enough to pay for everyone’s college loans or give everyone a stipend that wouldn’t suck the corn from a pile of paperwork covered bullshit.

In any case, it is an absurdly high amount of money that is only eclipsed in my mind by the debt the nation carries which holds the title of most bonkers spending problem ever in the history of history. Learning of the national debt brought a small trip of learning that an entity could be in the hole that much without having the kneecaps figuratively whacked. It is not the country that is claiming bankruptcy right now it is Puerto Rico, and with a much smaller wallet to work from having a debt over a hundred billion dollars makes it a major problem especially once you realize that the pension obligation is 18 billion of that debt.

That means it will need to pay people 18 billion dollar worth of money with absolutely nothing. You ever been stiffed in a bonus? It makes you want to rack everyone in your way in the junk with a taser until your money is in your hand. Multiply that by the thousands of cases it would take to make that total, and we see a huge number of people who are relying on that for possibly their only income may not be there. This is not a problem, this is a financial disaster. We as a country need to find out where the money went as being a territory, they do get funds from the country and figure out what problems they had made to see how we can best attack it because as it stands there could very well be a lawsuit brewing against this. People who have bought bonds will not be getting their full investment making it a huge problem with anyone trying to collect, and this just snowballs the effect from one group of people to another with some people caught in different waves making everything a gigantic mess.

The brilliant people in the pair of parties have boiled to either help them out without any info or not do anything until we get info. Which means absolutely nothing because we have a portion of our country that decided to try and stand on its own and failed so we have to go and help them while simultaneously making sure this cockup cascade does not happen again. They decided their language should be Spanish with a country that works with English making it more difficult for any businesses to come in. We need to help our people and look at the problems. Time will only create more damage if we go with one or the other because action gets things done when words cannot, and the fact they no one seems to go look for info while trying to correct other problems they already know about makes one wonder what the do in those halls of government other than get free blow jobs from groups who just want to talk about a contract.

Hillary Blames Others For Failure

It is clear that our other candidate in the past presidential election has gone completely bonkers. Hillary Clinton has come out of her depression exclaiming how it was not her fault for losing the election, but Wikileaks, Russia, and the F.B.I after claiming she took absolute responsibility which makes either an idiot or someone unfamiliar with the term absolute. In any case as someone who voted for Bernie Sanders maybe I can help explain to those who believe Mrs. Clinton that they are by all testing completely bat-shit fucking insane. I will no make a list of reasons where you can just suck a dick the size of a lunar module if you think your comments are going on this post. Some of you out in the world are petty like that and I take no small amount of glee making you deal with the cold wind of reality.

Let us begin. Benghazi, this was something in my opinion that I thought all major politicians had on their record. A few major screw-ups make the record all the more colorful in that depressing jaded sort of way looking at the record of every lifetime politician that has at the same time screwed everything up while getting nothing done. E-mail incident, if you can seriously think that someone who has been in politics that long would make the most idiotic mistake when it comes to security then you obviously give much more mercy than I do. The whole DNC conspiring to help her win was the one the soured my whole view on her, because if she needed backup from the party in such a way that one who had severe mental deficiencies could see the deck stacked against Sanders. When that news came out I had to triple check because I could not believe it, Sanders did his best to get his voters to her, but after that info came out there was a lot of voters who thought they would rather vote for alcohol which I did as much as possible. Attitude during the party, I have never seen someone who was so determined to shoot herself in the foot as her during the campaign making comments how horrible Trump voters are without thinking that many of those voters came from her party that was just sick with her shit. You can call people names and expect them to do what you say. I have been calling people idiots for a decade and they still won’t swallow the fact that I am right until it smacks them in the nose like Brock Lesnar after you insulted his wife. She clearly did not know something that I with my magnificent brain called almost a year ago and that fact pisses me off more then makes me happy because I am a complete lunatic some days. Trying to hide her own backers from Wall Street, from the pieces of the party that were shamed made others trust her as far as she could throw me which let us be honest is not very far. When you have someone that lies about security, about her backers, about her policies, about her tactics, and about the country at large with the media working with you makes it look like you are a complete fucking farce. People who are shocked that all this cost her need to take a shot of reality with a cherry on top because that is how it works. When someone is painted as a liar and is proven as one for the majority of nine months when on the opposite you have a foul-mouthed billionaire with a checkered past, but is seemingly more honest then people are going to take that. We entered an election where a politician with two decades plus of experience could not tell the truth, or be of the people going so far as stealing the Democratic primary with heavy media help. Citizens looked at that and thought that the more honest one would be the better choice and any time that in that situation Trump is the better choice makes me want to fall into a Jameson bottle with scuba gear.

It was not the FBI, not Wikileaks, and not the Russians. All of these things did not help, but it was all the lying, insulting, cockier, holier-than-thou attitude that cost her the election. She had a chance at winning at the end if she didn’t choke on her own foot. How can one get the questions ahead of a debate and not completely wreck it because by sensical scoring Trump got two to one. The fact she could not make a victory on each of those debates was completely idiotic. She lost, Trump won, and we all have to deal. Which reminds me….

To All The Butthurt Politicos

I have been hearing this enough that despite it not being a story it can stand here because it is my blog. Everyone has the right to bitch about the situation because we are all living in it. If you voted you can bitch if you did not vote you can bitch if you think that because you took a single action that it makes you better than those who for some reason or not didn’t then you can go down the road and fuck pothole covered miles of off.

We are not a democracy, we are a republic, we vote for people who in turn vote for the president. They make the call and a couple said they would not vote even if their county went a certain way. I have been hearing this on all sides about one side blaming the other for something. All democrats being lying pinheads while all the republicans or xenophobic twits or something to that effect.

Both parties contributed to our countries history and both did great things and anyone who thinks that one party saves while another destroys needs to put their head in a panini press because maybe with enough skull trauma they can come full circle to making sense again. The fact that we are still flinging poo from one party to the other is a sign we have clearly devolved back to the monkeys. You want things to change go out and do something about it. There are people who are trying to make things better myself included, but after dealing with people who are completely mentally incapacitated. Changing things in politics is like trying to get intimate with an iceberg, after all the preparation and first aid set up afterward, drilling a hole in the ice, undressing and getting to the floating piece of frozen water. It leaves you with a set of blue balls, a cold chill in your heart, possible death, and a case of insanity when you realize that so many people are trying it as a career and they are even getting paid for it.

I have tried to change things only to be laughed at. These same parties are now trying to figure out how to deal with all the outrage while sit her laughing at them because and as much as I hate to say it I FUCKING CALLED IT! We have a lot of problems and we will not change them by flinging poo at a group of people because they are different, does not work, and not many times in history as it shown to work at all. We need to work together so ask yourselves this before going on some tangent against someone with different views. Are they so far they cannot be persuaded to meet in the middle or is it that it may take some effort and you do not want to give it a shot? Some people are lost to the banana universe while others will meet you midway for the benefit of everyone and if you want to talk anything about politics it better be how everyone can work together or I will find myself going full supervillain, designing a costume and robbing banks for fun with a myriad of gimmick based gadgets. Somewhere between Captain Cold and the Riddler, not going to kill anyone but not afraid of giving someone a good shot when needed.

We need to work together as citizens are this is going to get a lot worse if we don’t.