Opinion Time 05/07/2017

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For some people this week will be grabbing the low hanging fruit. Screw you, these were some of the biggest moments of idiocy for one reason or another and they were more picked up from the grass then on a low branch, but let us begin. Plenty of stupid so little time, off we go.

Colbert Tells Trump to Holster Putin

Which why do I go? Which way do I go? If I think the remarks are okay a group of people will call me homophobic, and if I don’t raise the banner to get him fired than a group of people will think my political blood is so far in the blue it might as well paint a Pepsi can. Considering one can look at agreeing with people for its own sake like one might look at an incestuous orgy which is easy enough to understand because I do that really it just boils down to which way does one more person go?

My answer can best explained with meh. Should there be a punishment? Yes. Should he be fired? I can’t really see it. It was a joke, albeit a joke in horrid taste and one that didn’t need to be there it was still just done for a chuckle with the majority of people. Some took personal insult by it where none was meant meaning that another group of people jumped the gun to play the victim.

Really, we live in a world where we can’t look at someone’s work over their career and make a judgment call just shows the most people who the most fervent soldiers in this little battle of opinions should sit down, shut up, and let smarter creatures handle such things. Stephen Colbert goes far with his jokes sometimes, but one would really have a task to build a case proving he is homophobic.

The opinion here is that people are being stupid overreacting for and against. Colbert should do something of an apology, volunteer some time or resources to an LGBT assistance charity, and let the whole thing lie. Getting so mad about the whole thing just shows that we are clearly dumber as a group than as a person which is really sad. If you don’t like that, well to put this in simple terms, fuck off.

Puerto Rico Goes Bankrupt

This to me is a much bigger project than the Colbert issue, but considering a group of people cannot spell bankruptcy let alone put it in a sentence makes this one even more aggravating. For the first time in our country’s history (United States, for those, reading this from the rest of the world, and thank you for doing that I appreciate your support.) a territory is going bankrupt to the tune of just over 120 billion dollars. That may be enough to pay for everyone’s college loans or give everyone a stipend that wouldn’t suck the corn from a pile of paperwork covered bullshit.

In any case, it is an absurdly high amount of money that is only eclipsed in my mind by the debt the nation carries which holds the title of most bonkers spending problem ever in the history of history. Learning of the national debt brought a small trip of learning that an entity could be in the hole that much without having the kneecaps figuratively whacked. It is not the country that is claiming bankruptcy right now it is Puerto Rico, and with a much smaller wallet to work from having a debt over a hundred billion dollars makes it a major problem especially once you realize that the pension obligation is 18 billion of that debt.

That means it will need to pay people 18 billion dollar worth of money with absolutely nothing. You ever been stiffed in a bonus? It makes you want to rack everyone in your way in the junk with a taser until your money is in your hand. Multiply that by the thousands of cases it would take to make that total, and we see a huge number of people who are relying on that for possibly their only income may not be there. This is not a problem, this is a financial disaster. We as a country need to find out where the money went as being a territory, they do get funds from the country and figure out what problems they had made to see how we can best attack it because as it stands there could very well be a lawsuit brewing against this. People who have bought bonds will not be getting their full investment making it a huge problem with anyone trying to collect, and this just snowballs the effect from one group of people to another with some people caught in different waves making everything a gigantic mess.

The brilliant people in the pair of parties have boiled to either help them out without any info or not do anything until we get info. Which means absolutely nothing because we have a portion of our country that decided to try and stand on its own and failed so we have to go and help them while simultaneously making sure this cockup cascade does not happen again. They decided their language should be Spanish with a country that works with English making it more difficult for any businesses to come in. We need to help our people and look at the problems. Time will only create more damage if we go with one or the other because action gets things done when words cannot, and the fact they no one seems to go look for info while trying to correct other problems they already know about makes one wonder what the do in those halls of government other than get free blow jobs from groups who just want to talk about a contract.

Hillary Blames Others For Failure

It is clear that our other candidate in the past presidential election has gone completely bonkers. Hillary Clinton has come out of her depression exclaiming how it was not her fault for losing the election, but Wikileaks, Russia, and the F.B.I after claiming she took absolute responsibility which makes either an idiot or someone unfamiliar with the term absolute. In any case as someone who voted for Bernie Sanders maybe I can help explain to those who believe Mrs. Clinton that they are by all testing completely bat-shit fucking insane. I will no make a list of reasons where you can just suck a dick the size of a lunar module if you think your comments are going on this post. Some of you out in the world are petty like that and I take no small amount of glee making you deal with the cold wind of reality.

Let us begin. Benghazi, this was something in my opinion that I thought all major politicians had on their record. A few major screw-ups make the record all the more colorful in that depressing jaded sort of way looking at the record of every lifetime politician that has at the same time screwed everything up while getting nothing done. E-mail incident, if you can seriously think that someone who has been in politics that long would make the most idiotic mistake when it comes to security then you obviously give much more mercy than I do. The whole DNC conspiring to help her win was the one the soured my whole view on her, because if she needed backup from the party in such a way that one who had severe mental deficiencies could see the deck stacked against Sanders. When that news came out I had to triple check because I could not believe it, Sanders did his best to get his voters to her, but after that info came out there was a lot of voters who thought they would rather vote for alcohol which I did as much as possible. Attitude during the party, I have never seen someone who was so determined to shoot herself in the foot as her during the campaign making comments how horrible Trump voters are without thinking that many of those voters came from her party that was just sick with her shit. You can call people names and expect them to do what you say. I have been calling people idiots for a decade and they still won’t swallow the fact that I am right until it smacks them in the nose like Brock Lesnar after you insulted his wife. She clearly did not know something that I with my magnificent brain called almost a year ago and that fact pisses me off more then makes me happy because I am a complete lunatic some days. Trying to hide her own backers from Wall Street, from the pieces of the party that were shamed made others trust her as far as she could throw me which let us be honest is not very far. When you have someone that lies about security, about her backers, about her policies, about her tactics, and about the country at large with the media working with you makes it look like you are a complete fucking farce. People who are shocked that all this cost her need to take a shot of reality with a cherry on top because that is how it works. When someone is painted as a liar and is proven as one for the majority of nine months when on the opposite you have a foul-mouthed billionaire with a checkered past, but is seemingly more honest then people are going to take that. We entered an election where a politician with two decades plus of experience could not tell the truth, or be of the people going so far as stealing the Democratic primary with heavy media help. Citizens looked at that and thought that the more honest one would be the better choice and any time that in that situation Trump is the better choice makes me want to fall into a Jameson bottle with scuba gear.

It was not the FBI, not Wikileaks, and not the Russians. All of these things did not help, but it was all the lying, insulting, cockier, holier-than-thou attitude that cost her the election. She had a chance at winning at the end if she didn’t choke on her own foot. How can one get the questions ahead of a debate and not completely wreck it because by sensical scoring Trump got two to one. The fact she could not make a victory on each of those debates was completely idiotic. She lost, Trump won, and we all have to deal. Which reminds me….

To All The Butthurt Politicos

I have been hearing this enough that despite it not being a story it can stand here because it is my blog. Everyone has the right to bitch about the situation because we are all living in it. If you voted you can bitch if you did not vote you can bitch if you think that because you took a single action that it makes you better than those who for some reason or not didn’t then you can go down the road and fuck pothole covered miles of off.

We are not a democracy, we are a republic, we vote for people who in turn vote for the president. They make the call and a couple said they would not vote even if their county went a certain way. I have been hearing this on all sides about one side blaming the other for something. All democrats being lying pinheads while all the republicans or xenophobic twits or something to that effect.

Both parties contributed to our countries history and both did great things and anyone who thinks that one party saves while another destroys needs to put their head in a panini press because maybe with enough skull trauma they can come full circle to making sense again. The fact that we are still flinging poo from one party to the other is a sign we have clearly devolved back to the monkeys. You want things to change go out and do something about it. There are people who are trying to make things better myself included, but after dealing with people who are completely mentally incapacitated. Changing things in politics is like trying to get intimate with an iceberg, after all the preparation and first aid set up afterward, drilling a hole in the ice, undressing and getting to the floating piece of frozen water. It leaves you with a set of blue balls, a cold chill in your heart, possible death, and a case of insanity when you realize that so many people are trying it as a career and they are even getting paid for it.

I have tried to change things only to be laughed at. These same parties are now trying to figure out how to deal with all the outrage while sit her laughing at them because and as much as I hate to say it I FUCKING CALLED IT! We have a lot of problems and we will not change them by flinging poo at a group of people because they are different, does not work, and not many times in history as it shown to work at all. We need to work together so ask yourselves this before going on some tangent against someone with different views. Are they so far they cannot be persuaded to meet in the middle or is it that it may take some effort and you do not want to give it a shot? Some people are lost to the banana universe while others will meet you midway for the benefit of everyone and if you want to talk anything about politics it better be how everyone can work together or I will find myself going full supervillain, designing a costume and robbing banks for fun with a myriad of gimmick based gadgets. Somewhere between Captain Cold and the Riddler, not going to kill anyone but not afraid of giving someone a good shot when needed.

We need to work together as citizens are this is going to get a lot worse if we don’t.

Opinion Time 4/30/17

Starting this the idea was to do two or three stories for a week and two fall right in my lap right out of the gate, do not know if this for things to come or if it is just a busy time for idiocy, but here we go.

Yale Calls Out Samurai Jack

You know when I think of experts in animation Yale comes to mind just like laundry detergent in an open bar. Imagine my surprise when the Yale herald, who also claims to be the school’s most daring publication since 1986 has a bone to pick with the new cartoon. If you want to read the full piece about them you can do so in the link below, so you can get the full context in case of the future quotes.


Normally reviews do not bother me as they just are someone’s opinion. However spending just a cup of coffee’s worth of time in art school has made me respect those who can do it. There is really one paragraph that stuck in my craw enough, and it showed something of a problem a lot of stories I have been seeing recently also have so this one kinda picked it.as the figurehead this week for all the problems.

In defense they do go over the detail and style that was put in to this work exclaiming how each frame could be in the MoMA. Well, here is the problem though that stuck in my craw.

“… Jack’s first villain, Scaramouche, with his flamboyant dress and mannerisms which include ending every sentence with “babe,” reads as somewhat tone deaf and homophobic. The portrayal of samurai seems to be rooted in a Wikipedia level understanding of the historical figure and feels appropriative at times. While this season introduces the strong, nuanced female character of Ashi, women’s bodies are often depicted as hyper-sexual, a fact made uncomfortably clear by the daughters of the Scotsman in the latest episode. The show has wandered into this territory before, most notably with the character of “Da Samurai” in the fourth season, who was nothing more than a racist caricature.”

Now, seems like they have some pretty simple gripes, but let us do something that most of these reviewers don’t and put all this in perspective starting with the first villain being somewhat tonedeaf. Unfortunately one cannot be homophobic because he ends every sentence with “babe”.  The word babe is not homophobic, and this kind of shows the problem. We have here a character whose actions which is often one of the bigger pieces of character building not being a problem or even a tirade or even a constant direct issue. It is a single word that could very well be an illumination to something else in his context, but according to the great minds at Yale the word babe is homophobic. Just in case I am wrong let me go check something.

Definition of homophobia

  1. :  irrational fear of, aversion to, or discrimination against homosexuality or homosexuals

Okay, now let us check the word babe, from Merriam-Webster babe is defined like this.

Definition of babe

  1. 1a:  infant, baby  bslang:  girl, woman cslang:  a person and especially a young woman who is sexually attractive

  2. 2:  a naive inexperienced person —used especially in the phrase babe in the woods

I am not an Ivy League educated professor here, but I do not see anything about the homophobic issue here. I see that also the villain in question could be calling people babe as a jab at his own perceived superiority. You know that would be something a villain might do. I leave you to figure this conundrum out with the evidence of reality before you. Next point, the portrayal seems appropriative with a Wikipedia level of understanding, and yet these people couldn’t look up the word “babe”. Anyway, the supposed appropriation and Wikipedia-level knowledge of samurai could also be to the fact of character growth considering someone spent 50 years having their spirit and will to fight ground to fine powder, but that couldn’t be it because that would make sense.

Women’s bodies being hyper sexual is the next point, now, I have seen this animator’s work through the Powerpuff Girls, Dexter’s Laboratory, and this. he is known for a very strong style that leans away from natural form to go to a streamlined design with more simple curves and edges, and I am sure it is at least less of a pain in some cases to animate. To see if this is true I have gone through all of season 5 which is worth a watch to see if this is the case picking out every major female character I could find. The only one I did not get was the various rave dancers in a single episode because A. they had about a couple minutes of airtime for a song and B. they were at a rave and it didn’t look out of place because you know characters like those extras have to fit into their surroundings during things like this. I got a bunch of pics at the top so let’s take a look.

I see pretty, I see strong, I see mothers, I see cult members, I see young, old, and families, but nothing hyper sexy seems to pop out of this lineup. This all makes me wonder if this comment about them being hyper sexual just shows that they have some serious kinks and are projecting it. Different strokes for different folks, but if you think all this is hyper sexy then there is this thing called hentai and you can enjoy it to your little heart’s content Yale students. I will not judge you for that.

Overall, despite this review not having a grasp of the English language, the style of the person, the storytelling elements, and even of their own sexuality. This review states at the end this nugget of idiocy.
“… Samurai Jack is thus flawed in the many ways that most mass entertainment is flawed, and thus deserves the same critical eye. With this in mind, whether the show is still worth experiencing should be left to the discretion of the individual viewer.”

This view that an entire world of an art or a version of entertainment is flawed just does not hold water. If you want an example you can look the animator’s previous works stated above or search him on IMDB for more. Tartakovsky has worked hard of his career to do a lot of different things and claiming that they all as they are all part of “Mass Entertainment” is insult at best and sheer stupidity at worse. Being critical is fine and dandy but beware when you do not know what you’re doing because some asshole could come out of the woodwork and make you look like gibbering lemurs. Each work of art has in itself a set of problems and responses to issues it may come up with. Putting your nose up saying how it is all the same marks you as absolutely clueless to many facets of storytelling, design, and character these people face. In short to the tribune, you are a complete bunch of idiots, and for such a prestigious place of knowledge, the dictionary seems to escape you. All those resources and you would think they would get pretty early in the life of the school. Do not worry Yale because if anyone reads this, and you really want to get back at me you can always check my grammar because it’s atrocious.

Nordstrom Sells Faux Muddy Jeans

For those that now me I am not a fashion diva. I wear black t-shirts and either jeans or shorts because they work. Seeing the previous trend of worn jeans going in designer shops at high prices was pretty stupid. The businessman in me was smiling about the whole thing while the rest of me was wondering how far we as a species has fallen.


Ladies and gents, this is not a test we now have major brands selling pants that are made to look dirty. We have gone full circle straight into pure lunacy. What happened to just wearing jeans that worked for you and you stressing them or dirtying them yourselves. Also, side point when it comes to girls jeans why don’t you just put pockets instead of things that look like pockets because women deserve the space to put things away just as much as men. Seriously I had to help my girlfriend find clothes and the jeans had no pockets they had these fake ones that made no sense.

Let me make a deal, do you want something like this, well here we can stain them to your wish. We can stain them with mud, oil, even paint splatter, all you need to do is send your jeans to us, and with a fee of $750 we can stain it and send it back to you. You get custom stained jeans, and I get some money because we all know I can do better with it.

I can go on stating how even the creation of a market for stuff like this is mind boggling, or how people who cash in and need stuff like this are trying to look like they work, so maybe they don’t work so hard. Fashion wise it looks like crap, and how that in fashion looking bad is the goal makes me wonder if people just completed the circular logic of being ahead of everything straight to bad decision making. This could fill pages, but you could get the scene of how stupid this is by running full steam into a cement partition.

Oxford Cries Racist Over Avoiding Eye Contact

Well, it seems colleges just are having a crap week earning two of my three spots this week, but is it really that bad?

Yes, yes it is. According to the school avoiding eye contact is part of a list that makes up a group of racist micro-aggressions. I had a good bit of chat about this with different people to kind of bring my opinion to completion. It will also anger some people, deal with it. Recently, Oxford University had sent out their newsletter, and they have already released an apology about this, but I still want to bring it because of a couple factors. Unlike many news outlets, that would just give you snippets here is also the address to the newsletter in question where you can read it with your own eyes. We will be going over the article “Everyday Racism“. Read it if you want and come back because a lot of people will want to be outraged for nothing and will look like a pinhead doing so.

Good, back? Going from the title one can probably guess which part sticks in my craw. For those who can’t guess or are speed reading the taking of avoiding eye contact as a racist action in this format is just to me the greatest idea of trying to join the crowd and here is the problem with it.

For some people, though there is something, I will need to put here first.

Definition of racism

  1. 1:  a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race

  2. 2a:  a doctrine or political program based on the assumption of racism and designed to execute its principles  b:  a political or social system founded on racism

  3. 3:  racial prejudice or discrimination

A reason that we have this here is that people like to throw around the word nowadays without actual thinking if it is true or not. What presents as a problem in this article is a couple things. One is that it does not take into any value the context of the people around the world from their cultures or their upbringing or their education. These things do not gravitate around race as a major factor and in fact, really many of these facets do not care about race. Another thing is the little thing up top that says a belief because we will get to that. Just in case people try to jump the punch to get all hot and bothered over my words let me add some gas to the fire.

Definition of prejudice

  1. 1:  injury or damage resulting from some judgment or action of another in disregard of one’s rights; especially:detriment to one’s legal rights or claims

  2. 2a(1):  preconceived judgment or opinion (2):  an adverse opinion or leaning formed without just grounds or before sufficient knowledge b:  an instance of such judgment or opinion c:  an irrational attitude of hostility directed against an individual, a group, a race, or their supposed characteristics

Racism is based on opinions, it is based on judgments and while their article states that it can be a racist action what it does not state is how everything can be a racist action. The problem is right now there is a climate of people branding others as racists and discriminatory without even thinking about if it is true or not. Groups get together to call foul when in many cases there is no foul, creating an environment where the law of diminishing returns comes into play. For those who do not know that it is below just for you.

A concept in economics that if one factor of production is increased while other factors are held constant, the output per unit of the variable factor will eventually diminish.

This means that while everyone calls everyone else and everything racist we will not get the change we need to on the things that are actually PROVEN to be racially destructive.
We need to know the opinion of the person committing the action if it is a new one not steeped in offense or based in serious numbers to even call it such a thing. Without such things might I add that another problem is that even with the lesser returns on it there are so many things being deemed it nowadays that really no one will be able to work on them all so you make it where people have to pick their battles making the return even less. Stating an action without any evidence to back it or learning about it from people is a bad idea and these schools that do these things to promote an image of togetherness show themselves as people acting a part when really they need to truly pick up the role.

I get no small amount of mirth as the school has already apologized because a group of people representing students with social anxiety and learning disorders claims that it was hurtful to their students. A group of people trying not to be racist just so happened to piss on another group of people.

This post is not to claim how racism does not exist. It does. All forms of discrimination exist, but we need to open conversation before even knowing if something is discrimination because we need to form an opinion or learn it. On top of that it must be something that has to be discrimination and not anything else otherwise you will make yourself out to be that which you hate.

Now, this leaves with this. This article should not have existed. It does no good, and it just left the school with egg on their face specifically for their band of pinheads pushing supposed micro-aggressions over actual problems over there at the school while sporting how they have an equality and diversity group.

If you still think this is racist because you need to bring evidence how this is racist than I can only really mirror the sentiment of Adam Cole in this video. He is in the red trunks.

I think you should click here for it.

So tell me what you think, that was opinion time. If you liked it the best things you can do is share it with others. Hate it or love it if we can maybe start some conversations that are constructive than maybe we wont be living in a fire pit in a century, one can always hope.