Opinion Time

Ladies and gents roll up roll up because my hammer is getting a little bit rusty with all this. All of today’s winners get the like of shame because my head hurts. Starting with NBC news we have this piece of something that looks like work.

Police Searches Drop Dramatically In Weed Legal States

This is breaking news. This is the important facts that people need to know according to NBC. According to National Institute on Drug Abuse one of the most popular illegal drugs is Marijuana.

So out of the list you are telling me if we remove one that there is less searches. Gee whiz, I am so glad that NBC understands basic math so I don’t have to. Previous sentence was in sarcasm for those who could not tell.


Maybe, I am just a bitter ass? No, actually I am a bitter ass, but that does not change the fact that these pinheads having to explain basic math in such things makes my migraine pound.



Pride Parades Possibly Preaching Politics

I am actually torn on this, because one hand let people have pride on who they are across the board provided it does not hurt anyone or classify anyone, on the other hand it is proven mathematically that with each additional variable on something there is going to be a small target group. So why does that matter?

Let us say we have 1000 people in the possible parade but after finding out that it will also be for Black Lives Matter 23 percent leave which is the exact percentage Pew research found oppose the group. Down to 770 people left and let us take this further down the line because the majority of LGBT people classify themselves within the Democratic party. This accounts to 79% or for the sake of easy numbers 8 out of 10. That means that there are 2 for every ten roughly who think they are not in that party and about 21% if you like to be a little more exact. If you take on liberal policies in your parades than obviously you will lose people who may be gay but classify as conservative, not all though. For this let us say that of the 21 % only half do not like the other political leanings and leave so 105 are taken away from our group.

665 people left out of a possible 1000. Four out of ten, more than a third, but less then half and as time goes in with each addition of variables of causes that these parades climb in bed with will cut the number of people down more and more and more. Statistics is wonderful like that, so my response is this. Keep the pride to just that because as time goes on there will be less and less people backing the parades with every additional variable.

Now some people think that means I am biased against them. I am not, because I know my bias and it is against idiots. If you think that mathematics does not apply in your life for the sake of a pride parade. Well, you most likely would not my opinion, nor my old mathematics textbook but you could at least use one.



“Why Can’t My Famous Gender Nonconforming Friends Get Laid?”

That is the actual title from this coming out VICE news because of course it is. That is the question, it is marked as news, and my head hurts from the whole thing.

Let me make this short and sweet. Your friends are not getting laid because no one wants to fuck them.

Now for those who need the drill bit to their head. You want to get laid yet you inhabit a social structure that is not very well known, and has even less people in it then a barnyard swingers convention. So simply put since there is very few on the whole who are going to be reciprocating not because they do not like your lifestyle, but simply put they don’t want to fuck you. Some people do not like fucking white guys, but that is not a cross against all of the white out there because that is just personal preference.

In short you just are not worthy to be fucked by most people. This is not news, and the fact that someone put it there makes me want to swan dive in to a bottle of Jameson the size of the Statue of Liberty.


Anita Sarkessian was a hypocrite again to the surprise of absolutely no one. I am not going to put up an article here look up “vidcon sargon of akkad” and you will find it.

That was some of the news from around the web. Have a good day everyone.