Opinion Time 05/14/17

Welcome one and all to the point in the week where we take moments of idiocy by the collective portion of the worlds, and put them in the vial of acid before seeing what we get. Like every other week there was no shortage of material, so let’s get right into it.

Emma Watson Wins Genderless Award


Here is my little checklist I run in my head to see if stories should be on this week’s reminders of the different flavors of stupid. We can run through it together and see if this fits the bill.

First, does the story itself have an issue of not being talked about for the right reasons? In this case now because for all the people that I have seen raging about Ms. Watson’s award win make me wonder who even puts faith in these award shows anyway. Winning an award at a show like this is like winning a prize at the bottom of the box of the most expensive Cracker Jack in the world. The MTV awards are not the last word in clear and fair judging systems, so does that mean they should just give out an award to make a point? Well, no but here is the spanner int the works. For all those people who are complaining I can put money down very easily that most of them did not go out and see the movie, and then go out to see the contenders. Considering that most people are not fully informed to make the call, and I myself have not seen a movie in theaters since high school makes that point moot to all.

Some people have gotten in a tizzy how there are genderless awards. Personally, I could go for or against, but let me try to make a bad idea better because here on this blog we like to think constructive at times, look it up if you do not know the meaning of the word. Let us have our normal gendered categories for those whose pieces of work in the judging has to take the small nuances of different genders and make it play seamlessly into the part elevating the whole relationship of actor and character. Then have one big award at the end that is like the grand award of the night, someone whose work over the year is head and shoulders above everyone else’s and have that be the genderless award.

Those who have a boner over the classically set award structure get what they want, and those who want something new get it as well. We all win.

Is this being used as a spotlight for someone’s work outside of film making it an ultimately useless point? The uselessness of it would be debated but the overarching question of detriment to giving it to someone based more of their work outside of acting and it being an acting award, just makes me scratch my head. People getting into full furies about such things makes me wonder exactly where we still send lead paint chips as a cost effective snack. In short, this is much ado about nothing except maybe some people who may have put in a better score got gipped at a crappy award show.

BBC Doesn’t want white people to work with them.


I would love to think what the lunatic zealots in the different racial inequality groups would be thinking of this trying to spin it as all is fair in love and war. The reason that this would be funny is that everything they claim is happening is now broadly happening, but not for their particular group of people, and making it very interesting how others will look at it.
Those who read the article would be good to know that technically it is on a different company’s website. One company that the BBC has gone through for their employment and internships, so it would be really easy because of that to simply explain it was just a mix up in what they wanted, but no that was not the case.

Defending the move they said it was to be a more diverse workplace to better mirror Britain’s population with a workforce that already more then does so as already highlighted by the article. Here is my problem with something like that. When you have a checklist of workers that have to be a certain race or culture you really are making more problems. Let us say that magically we have a hundred positions at my company I would be more worried about you will work and if you can complete the tasks asked of you. Whether your disabled or trans gendered or believe yourself a porcupine, or even have a different race than everyone else in the whole world it does not mean one lick to me because I want to know how you will work. People say that is a meritocratic way of looking at it, but here is the question, if now it is based on what you can do and how you can do it then the whole discrimination bit gets skipped.

When you are basing a need to hire someone simply because of their race then those who are not of that race are being discriminated because they do need the supposed racial requirement. Since that seems to go over the heads of many supposed victims let me make it a little bit plainer for those of that group who may read it. When you want someone to give you a scholarship, to give you income, to give you housing simply because of your race, then you are the problem. Last I checked there weren’t any Caucasian scholarship funds, any groups of white lives matter trying to get more rights for everyone as pale as bleached rice. You want to stop racism then one would need to stop breeding it, and such actions goes to show others that because they have it for their people and you do not have it for yours then your status as a person are lower. If you do not believe it then tell me how everyone gets so disgruntled with another race to the point of actively hating them? That has to come from somewhere and let me tell you because I guess I was the only one who didn’t trash the info when it came in the basics of life. Hating a race is itself an error, awarding a race is an error because no matter what, race does not control what makes someone who they are. It can add something here and there but it does not make someone from the ground up. Anyone who thinks that it does above all else, well their either need to learn the nuances or prepare for harsh reality.

Laci Green Checks The Other Side

Laci Green for those who do not know stands upon as an icon of SJW culture on Youtube currently having more than a million subscribers. I also think I ripped on her once in a blog post, but I cannot remember which one so if anyone finds it let me know. Anyway, she is the kind of type that goes full bore into what people would claim as the textbook definition of what many would call a Social Justice Warrior.

You may have noticed I haven’t ripped into her a whole lot and while I think we have some ideas that we do not agree with. She has done something that has shocked her fellow SJW’s and that is something that has shocked them to the core asking her if she is making things worse by doing this. She has gone to anti-SJW channels. In doing so she was surprised as her first effort was accepted with open arms of people just trying to have a simple conversation about their ideals.

This may sound dry, but good for her. I hope more people take the initiative to do that it would make these posts a lot tamer. Someone takes a look at the other side and starts to think outside of either box, ten thousand points to her hope it continues even if we do not agree on anything. Ending on a nice note, toodles for now.