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Oh, crap. I was so busy trying to heal up this week I forgot to find stories for my blog post. I can’t find at least three stories of idiocy, research them, and write about them in less than five hours. Oh, what will I do….

Evergreen College Doubles Down On Social Justice

You know these stains on the underwear of life think they are bad holding baseball bats like they are trying out for a bit part in West Side Story. For those who don’t know I have been hit with a bat and, yes, you could make the “hit with the ugly stick” jokes here because I know I am not a charmer. What I do have is some experience using the baseball bat with my own very black aluminum Louisville Slugger holding the dings and scratches of many wars. First, the actual news.

Evergreen is going to go ahead with a Social Justice master’s program and guarantee a teaching position 100% guarantee it if you make it through. After everything that happened with people going banana-nut bonkers that is what they are going to go with. Fine, you know what hope it works, but I don’t think anyone will be in it for long considering the funding is getting pulled out from this place.


Next, I am going to do something no one really expected here. I am going to help these people pictured below because I have been in a couple scraps and hopefully they can learn from my experience. In this case, I will do it the only way they will understand.

First thing is the grip. You need to really know where your weapon feels comfortable, but one thing that does happen if you grip too low is the weapon going free on the recoil.( Yes, recoil we will get to that later.) If that happens you are now weaponless and the attacker will get a few swings and stabs to your squishy bits. A good weapon is a good tool in that often times the grip as to be set per the person. Where I can do a one-handed mid-handle grip some of you may not, or where I would do a two handle grip you would want to get every appendage on it to keep the bat from flying.

Second, what you wear believe it or not is important. I prefer a nice pair of steel toed shoes, with nonslip soles, paired with a nice roomy t-shirt and jeans. Just good enough to stay on without a problem and just roomy enough for me to jam my foot down your word hole if needed because sometimes you need to multitask beating some idiots. Glasses are a no-no because one swing and you will be learning to do a wonderful Stevie Wonder impression for the rest of your life. Sandals only highlight that your toes which have some of the smallest bones in the body are open to attack. Some may not know this because they protested health class but, now the more you know.

Those some tips from someone who has swung the bat like he had an idea, but let me assure you rays of sunshine. I am not the master, but in this game, you need to beware who you play with or someone is going to raise the stakes and give you some very special tutoring.

SJW Wish The UN To Make Cultural Appropriation Illegal

Read that for a moment. Get that title in your head, and let it ring for a moment. This comes from James Anaya, dean of law at the University of Colorado who is trying to “obligate states to create effective criminal and civil enforcement procedures to recognize and prevent non-consensual taking and illegitimate possession, sale, and export of traditional cultural expressions”.
Let me say this for every artist in every form across the globe.


Trying to divvy out the possibilities to the myriad of cultures with criminal and civil charges possible is an assassination of the arts as we know them. Let me make no hyperbole, but this is a box the should be left shut, buried, and forgotten. The moment that this gets opened means art as we all know it and participate in it at times will be destroyed if not retarded for generations. Just how you decide which culture gets what is absurd as nothing is ever as clean as needed, and how do you even begin to charge for these sorts of things.

Restaurants use the French Method for the most part which divvies out duties to each person usually found in larger kitchens. So that means any major kitchen is gone. Hotel kitchens are gone, spa kitchens are gone, high-end kitchens which often use it will be cut as well. So prepare to have a lot of food come out with a lot less focus on those plates while remembering that many of the best knives are made with steel either made from the Germany or Japan, making the knives everywhere else suffer which means that cutting and butchery will suffer. Culinary techniques are often passed down from one culture to another so we have to trace all of them back which evidence points that most culinary technique will be found either stuck to China, Japan, Greece, and France.

Music has always been something where recycling has always been needed. China has the large drum while Medieval Europe has claimed the snare drum so those major items are gone. Trumpets started in the Arab and Mediterranean area and were used for signaling while being used for music has not been really used until the Germans got a crack at it. If you like the tones of the Saxophone than Jazz will only be coming out of Belgium, never knew they had the instrument before this.

Repeat for every art, or skill, or craft because most of our cultures are not as tenured as the Chinese or Mediterranean, but do not get too smug because the British and the Americans had their hooks in the computing world with the business and home models so if you enjoy the internet then you best learn the words to “God Save The Queen” and “God Bless America” respectively. Oh ya, you only get to pick one because even if you do have the money to move you can only pick one country to work with, whose history and only with the world of intellectual properties and possibly patents equivalent to what a single country has discovered.

Have a powered my point in the ground yet? If I did not by this point there is nothing else I can do for you just go, leave and never come back.

It gets the link of shame: https://heatst.com/culture-wars/social-justice-activists-want-the-un-to-make-cultural-appropriation-illegal/

SJW’s Call for Video Game Developer Censorship Blacklist

Anytime a group says they are policing “wrongthink” makes me want to practice planting them headfirst like an idiot forest. Now some groups also say that feminists are also trying for this, but they are so far from what feminism actually it is that calling them feminist is like calling ANTIFA anti-fascist. It would be a nice laugh, but really it would be sadder than anything else.

What was meant by the blacklist is to use make it is something that is clearly misunderstood, they in reference to the SJW clique would only like to make a tool where companies can use to hire or not. The problems are numerous and considering the person spearheading this claims to be a PR specialist just adds to the irony that this would be an invitation for civil suits to any companies contributing to it. How any group could call that an infringement on artistic ability.

When you make something, no matter what it is there is a touch of artistic spirit involved and interactive mediums take the most because you have to design every possibility. Artists are not by historical standards the most normalized people on the planet, and with good reason. Worlds and breathing life to the lifeless takes an obscene amount of energy whose love of the craft. So even defending the term ”wrongthink” in relation to anything artistic is an absolute bout if idiocy. I hope that after a few moments of concentrated thought this sort of thing falls by the wayside otherwise we will have a lot of problems later including telling future generations why some art set ups are banned.

It does not get a link of shame, but you can look it up if you want. It exists out there and I hope you enjoyed this week’s opinion time….

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Listening to blind Kerbal stream while typing.

That was sadly much easier than expected. Time for a snooze.