Devil’s Advocate

This may sound strange but we do have a lot of problems in the butchering markets for their meat. Not because all of it is wrong, in some cases you need to have it, but simply for the fact that often times it is done in conditions that are simply reprehensible. The problem stands that by many associations PETA is not a group that makes sense. Some of their work can be viewed through many a lens as extremist work or zealotry which is sad because their mission is one for good.

We need to split this up though but I got a couple things that PETA may want to try and they don’t even have to pay me for the idea, although if they use it some recognition would be nice. First, let us start with food, now most of us who have lived in an urban area has seen, heard, or at least familiar with the shock and awe tactics they employ showing visions of carnage selling them off as the norm. The problem is people are smarter than that and from a food side, we need to figure out some things before we can lay a plan. Starting off meat will never, be taken off the tables of the world by choice. It will either be due to resource mismanagement or the fact that it is not safe to eat. What can be done is lessen the hit so start with some snacks that taste good that are vegan-friendly that do not have animal products and sell them for a price much like you would see with the lootcrate or slamcrates. Giving people access to options they may find to be just as good as meaty snacks is a wonderful start, give them maybe some new seitan and what it is. You can use these boxes to get people to open up more to such foods and also begin to get people uncomfortable with the ingredients to acclimate more. Sell it a good price before using that money for other projects. A good move would be to also take some of those snack boxes and distribute them to people in need of food at disaster areas, promote it that you are helping, and reputation will be earned.

Next, would be to pick your battles. Going against Pokemon in an attempt to promote them as animal abusers are simply coined by some in public relations as “dumb as fuck”. You do not come out of it well the fans look upon the group negatively leading to a worsening reputation. If you are going to pick a battle first try to come from a move of helping rather than hindering, because you may find some common threads that could bind you all and give your words more credence. Be inclusive, not exclusive, and you are not inclusive by going full zealot on how much you are better than everyone else. Your store is full of items that take people away or try to insult them or make allegations, in your entire store there is not a single item that it said that it was okay to be transitioning from one opinion to the other. Promoting an “us or them” mentality almost never works and when it does it is often not for long.

You have a habit of trying to either get everybody on your side or none at all and unfortunately, it does not work that way. You need to learn that changes like the ones you are hoping for will not be done in one swing but many tries taking inch after inch and showing what can be done to help take the market from those animal products would be in essence a lot wiser than trying to sell 50 brochures at $2.00 a pop. Start making products the majority of people will want and work over time. Except what we have is antagonistic and if you can make this work even a little bit you will have much better results in the long run.